Wednesday, 30 January 2013

2012 Done and Dustered

Well 2012 is over and done with....looking back it was an interesting year.....some very big highs and a few little hick up's or bumps in the road which ever way you want to look at it.

Artistically it didn't start well with a knock back from being included for hanging in a local art comp. Artists are very sensitive creatures and it doesn't seem to matter how long you are in the game or how often you  tell your self what others think doesn't matter ..... a knock back is a knock back.

I would tell more but the same comp is coming up again this year and I don't want to offend. I'm going to have another crack at it. I'll talk more on this at a later date.

Not long after the knock back I was wondering if it was worth taking my art to the Beef Australia or Beef Week as it is known in these parts. My confidence had taken quite a beating you see. Eventually I rallied and thought get over yourself Sandy so I rang to see if any sites were still available, being a little late off the mark. I still wasn't feeling so good about it all so I told my self that if a site is available then I am meant to be there.

Well it was sorry all sites are be it I said.  But they did say they would ring if anything became available.

About a week later I got a call to say they had a site for me and that it was a good one and I should be happy...... that was probably an understatement because I actually think I had the best site in the whole show!!!

Someone up there was smiling down on me.

I had a great week of sales and I just love being round people, talking to and listening to what people have to say about what I do, it is such a tonic. The surprising thing that happened was that the painting I had painted especially for the Knock Back Art Comp was actually the first painting sold.

All of the above restored my bruised and battered confidence.

I had also decided to make some greeting cards featuring my paintings to sell at Beef Week so during the months of June / July I traveled around attending markets in Toowoomba and Warwick selling my cards....It also meant I could catch up with old friends down that way. This is again lots of fun as I can talk to people and it is so interesting what people tell you. I am astounded by the things I am told. I am always a target for other artists. I don't know how often I end up in a conversation with older women telling me how they love to paint but never had the confidence to just do it. This always makes me a little sad.  I thank God I decided a few years ago not to waste my talent.

Then in October I had a small exhibition in Roma. I had a big change for this exhibition and really went all out with color. I made all the work feature the color Pink and then decided to call the show PINK. It was well received but sales weren't great. I think the GFC has a lot to do with things now, and really when you look at wants and needs, the last thing you NEED is a painting.

I have not done a lot since then just a few commissions.

But this is not to say that a lot hasn't happened away from my art life. My other life has been quite full and very rewarding.

2012 has brought me a beautiful Grandson and the wedding of my youngest daughter.

Two pretty big events in life's journey!!!

So lets see what 2013 has to offer