Thursday, 6 March 2014


Just going to share some lovely 'green' photos of our place after wonderful summer rain

Looking north 

Cow and calf 

Looking south east

 Mt O'Connell which is very impressive.

lots of cattle in this paddock.

Taken from the same spot just moved the camera a little to the north east.
 Looking towards the sea.

My trusty steed 'Menthol'...if you wanted to caption this ...he would be you didn't 
bring me something to eat...can't you see I'm starving!!!

The caption on this would be...I know I'm beautiful and I've just learnt to pose!!

That's it until next time.

Sunday, 2 March 2014


                                    Just thought I would share with you my latest drawing.

This shows the back end of the horse ...his belly and on the left the spur.
 Note the information I have written for my self on the right hand margin.

 If any of you are wondering what that strange thing is beside the pencils...that is what is called a kneadable rubber. It is an amazing piece of equipment.
 It is actually kneadable and it sort of takes the pencil into itself . This one in this picture is very 'used' so therefore is rather dirty. Every now and again you must 'knead' it so that when you rub something out it is clean. They are also very good for rubbing out small areas as you can make them into a point.

Another view of working on the 'darks' All drawing is basically varying degrees of dark and light.....and a lot of practise.

 I have just finished the girth and under the front leg. It was important that I get the right 'dark' there which gives the look of shadow rather than a dense black area.
 Another use for the kneadable rubber is it will pick up pencil and that is how I have got that effect in the 'not too dark' places of this drawing.

Here I have continued to work under the belly of the horse and also the 'off-side' foot of the rider.


This is about the end I think. As you can see the last thing to go in is the shadow under the horse and the beast. Also the addition of some dirt. This 'grounds' the whole thing. 
Shadows are very important in my drawings as they go towards telling the story.
 I always look at the shadows to tell what time of day the action is taking place. 
 As 'viewers' we sub-conscientiously look at the shadows to make that work of art just that much more 'real'

Hope you enjoyed this PROCESS

Until next time