Friday, 24 May 2013


Today I was driving home from town and listening to the radio which is something I don't do that often...listen the the radio that is ...but as I was in the car I was listening . I heard that "the government" were going to do this great thing for the poor drought stricken... market falling...dollar dependant ..going out the back door ' cattle farmers', they were going to open some National Parks for the graziers to run their cattle....

Oh ..they wonderful they said... ' the Government' were reacting positively to the situation ...and they said quickly...they said...lets pat them on the back and sing FOR SHE'S A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW!!!!
they said

WHAT? ....I said

 How many cattle will this help?

I don't know figures but I believe there are something like 3/4 parks being opened up for the drought stricken north of Australia cattle herd....

I just sigh...and shake my head......

As usual they have it all wrong..

 The average Joe sitting in the city with no conception of the person on the land's really tragic position, probably thinks that this is a great and wonderful solution to this distant problem.

  Now they can go about their business and think that the situation has been taken care of.

Let me tell you what I think....of course I'll except that I could be wrong but this is the way I see it.

These National Parks were originally purchased by the Government to preserve the different types of country that makes up this great and vast land of ours.

But I have an idea it was really to give some 'warm and fuzzy's' to the green's and ensure their votes.

 Once this country became the property of the Government they pretty quickly deteriorated into feral animal havens and became over run with toxic weeds.
In most cases they were shut up and forgotten, so any buildings, fencers, and watering systems that were originally used fell into disrepair.

So my argument is are these cattle going to be watered, separated &  managed?

How are they going to cope with the dingo's, wild pigs and cattle killing weeds

....... it just sounds like this has not been thought through at all.

Oh and while I'm on my soap box how about this little treasure I also heard ..the do gooder's are against these parks being opened.
 They are saying this shouldn't happen as the cattle will destroy the fragile ecosystems .

Are they actually saying that cattle should be left to die or be shoot rather than return this country to it's original use?? Are they saying that the 'ecosystems' are more important than living breathing animals??

 Have we strayed this far from reality?

I have been saying for some time the gap between the city and the bush is just too wide.....

Just as a P.S.

Our property boarders a National Park not a large one....but still a National Park.

 It is disappearing in both lantana and rubber vine.

 Lantana is toxic to cattle and it is can completely take over country if not poisoned and controlled.
 Rubber vine will not kill cattle but will spread as well.
In the 7 years that we have been here not a single govenment employee has been any where near this NP to check or monitor it's condition.

Until next time......