Sunday, 12 August 2012

Pink Galah Painting

                              Just thought I would share the process of this painting with you.
                               It is called
                                                      FAMILY OF SWINGERS

                              This is the dreaded blank canvas. It is quite large just over a meter long.

                                  I don't usually use a roller but I did buy one some time ago.

                                              I thought it would be a good and quick      
                                                  way to cover a white canvas.

                                Some times I like to put down a base colour. I do this for
                                                                  2 reasons.

                              No 1  To cover the daunting white.

                         No 2   To have that colour underneath so that it will beep      
                                                     though the painting.

                              When it is finished  it helps to bring the whole thing together.

                                      In this instance it was done for the first reason.

Canvas covered by the roller

I then over layed the first colour with this pink

I then drew in the galah's with a permenant marker pen. 
You can see this was done in a pretty rough manner, I do this on purpose as it stops the drawing from being too neat and controlled. I marked out the length of each bird and where they sat on the wire and then drew them in free hand. This takes some courage as you can ruin the whole thing if you balls up ...well not really but painting over will take time and a lot of paint!!

Have any of you noticed that birds such as galah's always face into the wind when sitting on power lines etc.

When I took this photo I wondered why they were all facing the same way, I even thought of changing them so that there were some with their backs to you. 

But then I looked longer and as it was a very windy day, I realized that I really couldn't to that as that is not what Galah's do!! 

See how their backs are very straight, this is I would think so that they can actually stay on the wire.
 Just a little bit of trivia

Here I have started to paint the birds

Still painting in the birds

The end result.
This was eventually achieved by finishing the birds then going over the back ground with varying degrees of pink, until I thought I had the right contrast with the pink of the birds.

 I also wanted to give the feeling of late in the day with the pink sky.

That's it for now

This painting is for sale $1,200.00. It is 92cm x 122cm.
 Acrylic on canvas.
I ship world wide. Contact me through my website 

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