Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Just going to share quickly my painting of the Odd Galah

This a large canvas measuring 122 cm x 90cm.

I was in a hurry so just quickly drew in a very rough out line with a large marking pen

I then started to paint I was just trying to paint in the bird as quickly as possible

Just working on the darks

Here I have finished painting the bird. It is very rough but now I can start to stand back and fine tune it.
You'll notice that I have painted a dark grey where the shadow part of it's head is.

Here it is completed.
I had some trouble getting the birds position right so that it looks like he is perched on a branch and looking down. 
In the end I think it came off
The background colour is a very rich purpley pink blue. Took longer to settle on that colour than to do the rest of the painting.....but that's not unusual...for me

That's it for now


Just Arrived
Acrylic on canvas
70cm x 70cm

Acrylic on Canvas
122cm x 90cm

There is probably nothing quite as satisfying for an artist than seeing your work completed and hanging.

Nellie at Brown Gully did a fantastic job hanging the work then hosting the event.

I was very relaxed this time and quite confident with what I had achieved.

There really is something to be said about using the same colour thread through all the paintings

it really gives it continuity.

More paintings

The black white and pink wall

My son Bill having a look

The family deciding where to go for dinner
If your in Roma or passing through stop and have a look